Packing List 2018

This is my packing list for the Transcontinental Race No 6 in 2018. Since it is a race and not a casual trip you will not see “holiday” items on this list (e.g. regular clothes, shoes, book, etc.). You find the bike & bag setup for it here.
The packing list for my TCR No8 (2020) will look a bit different (smaller); an update will follow
[If you want to check my list for casual traveling, go here (packing list 2017), and to see the corresponding bike setup (bags etc.) to accommodate for it, go here (bike & bags 2017).]
The picture does not contain the bike maintenance things that are stored in my triangle bag.

Packing list 2018 (TCRNo6). Without bike maintenance equipment (was already neatly packed in the frame triangle bag)
Packing list 2018 (TCRNo6). Without bike maintenance equipment (was already neatly tucked away in the frame triangle bag)

Wearing on my body (minimum):

  • helmet (Suomy Gun Wind)
  • Glasses
  • short gloves (Roeckl Gel)
  • socks
  • bib-short
  • short jersey
  • base layer


  • 1 1/2 Multi purpose head scarfs (esp. against cold ears)
  • long gloves (Gore, thin & waterproof, Hi-Viz)
  • spare socks
  • spare bib-short
  • spare short jersey
  • spare base layer
  • arm & leg warmers (Mavic, merino)
  • long sleeve jersey (dhb)
  • down west (Endura Primaloft)
  • rain jacket + hood (Vaude)
  • over shoes (GripGrab RaceAqua Hi-Viz)
  • high visibility vest
  • 1 boxer shorts
  • 1 T-Shirt

Body maintenance

  • toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, mini shaver
  • chewing gums (occasional tooth brush substitute)
  • plasters
  • sunscreen (small tube)
  • lip balm (sun protection)
  • healing cream Bepanthene
  • baby wipes
  • tissues
  • mini towel
  • chewing gums
  • chamois cream (Assos)
  • micro fibre cloth (for glasses)
  • tissues (1 pack)

Sleeping gear:

  • silk liner
  • sleeping mat
  • bivy


  • iPhone with routes, offline maps
  • Wahoo Elemnt with routes
  • Headphones (in-ear)
  • 3 USB charging cables
  • iPhone charging cable short & long
  • USB charger Anker (4 ports)
  • Power bank 13000mAh Anker

Bike maintenance & spares

  • Ottolock (medium, black)
  • mini leatherman
  • multi tool
  • air pump (Lyzine with pressure gauge)
  • 2 spare tubes
  • extensive puncture set (for tubes and tubeless)
  • 2 tire levers
  • piece of old tire (to reinforce larger slashes)
  • cable ties (many!)
  • shoe lace & thin thread (you never know..)
  • 2x Sram chain links
  • spare derailleur hanger (frame specific)
  • Boa spare parts
  • inner gear cable
  • spare cleats
  • chain lube (Squirt dry lube)
  • spare nipples
  • spare spokes
  • 2 velcro straps
  • blank piece of cable (for light system)
  • schrader valve adapter (for gas stations)
  • thin rubber gloves (for road side surgery. on the bike)
  • 2 rags
  • old toothbrush (to clean chain)

Other items

  • 2x 1L bottles
  • Spork
  • mini backpack
  • light plastic bag


  • Passport
  • ID card
  • hardcopies of documents
  • health insurance card
  • contact details (next of kin)
  • pay cards
  • Brevet card
  • a little cash

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