01 Transiberica Bike Race 2021 – Live Tracking (Cap33) & About the Race

[You are at post 01 about my Transiberica Race. If you want to check out my equipment, here is post 02]

Yaaay, something new is coming up! After The Transcontinental Race got postponed one more time to 2022, I managed to get a late placement in the Transiberica Bike Race. Start is on Sat. 14th of August 21.:00h in Bilbao, Spain, and of course it’s with live tracking and followed on social media.

Transiberica facts & figures:

Transiberica is a (attention please…) self-supported free-route roundtrip ‘ultra’-endurance single-stage bike-packing time-trial in the spirit of Mike Hall†. That means…

  • Start & Finish: Bilbao, Spain
  • Start time: Saturday, 14th of August 2021, 21:00h
  • 9 Checkpoints (CPs) all over northern Spain (to be approached in ascending order). Starting in Bilbao the course goes clock-wise.
  • free route choice, except for compulsory parcours at 5 of the CPs
  • ca. 2.900km and 38.000m cumulative climbing
  • self-supported (i.e. carry your own luggage, no outside assistance, no supply pre-arranged)
  • single-stage (i.e. the clock never stops; there are no fixed stages or stops, neither for sleeping)
  • 65 participants (3 riding as pairs), all genders competing in the same category
  • more detailed rules: see here

>>Here’s a link to a map to check the CPs in detail.<<

How to follow the event and me (realtime)…

Despite the geographical spread of events, endurance bicycle racing is a spectator sport. Each rider has their own GPS-tracker:

Additionally it is vividly accompanied on social-media

I’m always happy to hear from you. Encouraging messages, cheering, etc. are highly motivating (also to the other riders!). I may not always be able to reply immediately, but be sure I read messages and mentions with great pleasure!

Author: cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, solo long-distance road cycling tourist www.cyclingtourist.com

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