01 Transiberica Bike Race 2021 – Live Tracking (Cap33) & About the Race

You are at post 01 introducing you to my Transiberica Race in 2021. There are two more posts about the preparation and gear (02), and about how it all turned out (03):
01 Transiberica Bike Race 2021 – Live Tracking (Cap33) & About the Race
02 Transiberica – Equipment & Packing List
03 Transiberica – The very late post-race post

Yaaay, something new is coming up! After The Transcontinental Race got postponed one more time to 2022, I managed to get a late placement in the Transiberica Bike Race. Start is on Sat. 14th of August 21.:00h in Bilbao, Spain, and of course it’s with live tracking and followed on social media.

Transiberica facts & figures:

Transiberica is a (attention please…) self-supported free-route roundtrip ‘ultra’-endurance single-stage bike-packing time-trial in the spirit of Mike Hall†. That means…

  • Start & Finish: Bilbao, Spain
  • Start time: Saturday, 14th of August 2021, 21:00h
  • 9 Checkpoints (CPs) all over northern Spain to be approached in ascending order. Starting in Bilbao the course goes clock-wise.
  • free route choice, except for compulsory parcours at 5 of the CPs
  • ca. 2.900km and 38.000m cumulative climbing
  • self-supported, i.e. carry your own luggage, no outside assistance, no supply pre-arranged
  • single-stage, i.e. the clock never stops; there are no fixed stages or stops, neither for sleeping
  • 65 participants (6 riding as pairs), all genders competing in the same category
  • more detailed rules: see here

>>Here’s a link to a map to check the CPs in detail.<<

How to follow the event and me (realtime)…

Despite the geographical spread of events, endurance bicycle racing is a spectator sport. Each rider has their own GPS-tracker:

Additionally it is vividly accompanied on social-media

I’m always happy to hear from you. Encouraging messages, cheering, etc. are highly motivating (also to the other riders!). I may not always be able to reply immediately, but be sure I read messages and mentions with great pleasure!

Author: Malte Cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, cyclo-hedonist, endurance traveller, occasional bikepacking-racer (mostly road) – www.cyclingtourist.com – Strava: Malte Cyclingtourist – Instagram: @maltecyclingtourist

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