This year I will race the Transiberica Bike Race – ca. 3000km/30000m selfsupported over the Spanish/Portuguese Peninsula. Race start: 14th of August 2021 in Bilbao. 9 Checkpoints and some parcours, but apart from that each rider plans their own route. Finish is in Bilbao, too.

You will soon find some posts on that race, e.g. my preparation and setup.

In the meantime you can check past articles of mine. Like this series of posts related to TCR 06 (before and after). More specifically, people seemed to like my visual race report (interactive map) of TCR 06.

If you’re looking for more casual touring you might enjoy my Freiburg-Barcelona posts that involve more storytelling, or my Berlin-Helsinki experience. Just check the “trips” menu.

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