03 TCR08 – Equipment & Packing List

You’re now at post 02 of my TCRNo8-series. To jump to all so far existing posts on this in chronological order:
01 TCRNo8 –About the Race & Live Tracking (Cap63) – Start: 24.7.
02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

03 TCRNo8 – Equipment & Packing List

This post is largely copied and from my Transiberica 2021 gear / packing list post, and then altered to be up to date. it is now a summary of my gear. If you want to go into more detail on some items (wheels, lighting, shoes, gearing, etc…) I suggest you check that post: Transiberica Equipment & Packing List, 2021. And for even more information, also on my preparation (route planning, training), I suggest you check this one: Transcontinental Race preparation, 2018 (it is a few years old, but my approach was good and I did it similarly this year).

This Year’s Bike and Setup

Of course: My Rose Pro DX Cross from 2015, but I just call her lovingly „Rose“ <3. Rose runs on Sram Force22 (disc) and has an alloy frame and carbon fork that stood the test of many adventures. Her custom compiled gearing of 46/33 (front) and 12-36 (rear) will hopefully get me up allll the climbs while still allowing me to pick just the right cadence/force at any point (no large gear jumps). For comfort, Rose is equipped with Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires in 32mm, a Redshift ShockStop suspension stemProfile Design T4 aero bars, a Specialized Power saddle and gel pads under the bar tape. I decorated Rose with tons of reflective tape, but my favourite accessories are still: a little rear mirror and my not-to-joke-with bell that is modestly hidden under Rose’s elbow pads.

Rose Pro DX Cross

– bike only: 10,8kg (without bags and rack, but including all adjustments like aero bars, dynamo, light/electronics, pedals etc…)
– bike with empty bags: 12,4kg (incl. Tailfin rack)
bike with luggage: 16,5kg (excl. food & water)

And some more kit…

This season’s kit colours: turquoise/orange for the jolly Miamy look to lighten my mood when necessary (or yours) and for good visibility. Additionally I’ll bring an funky VOID jersey that I wore already on my TCR06 in 2018 and still like. I will ride my local cycling club’s team bibs by Vermarc. Shoutout to RTC dasimmerdabei e.V.!

Morvelo summer jersey, LaPassione Duo Gloves Orange, Suomy Gun Wind helmet

My bedroom consists of a bivy, light mat & silk liner + boxers & shirt dedicated to clean sleeping. My Wahoo Elemnt (+ phone backup) in combination with a SON dynamo hub and Edelux II light will show me the way while an Igaro D2 USB-charger, two 10000mAh powerbanks (by Anker) and a strong 65W charger for quick charging will make sure I never run out of juice (was on the edge a few times last year on my Transiberica). A carefully curated bike-mech/spare-parts compartment (incl. rear derailleur hanger, spokes, etc.), and babywipes/chamois cream/ointment will rule out most show-stopping technological or biological malfunctions.

The bags are arranged to reduce the frontal area (aero) and optimize accessibility: 2 food pouches in-line between the aerobars, a fuel tank and phone sleeve behind them, small frame triangle to still make 2x 1L bottles fit, and my aluminum Tailfin rack & trunkbag that did an amazing job on past endeavours.

very small frontal area

What’s new? (gear-wise)

Got a new rain jacket: Gore Wera Torrent. But apart from that: Nothing really. My setup on Transiberica worked really well. It is not super duper light/compact. But gives me enough comfort while not being too bulky.

But if you wish to check my reasoning for certain gear choices and changes, I suggest you check these two older posts from past races:

Tailfin Alloy trunkbag & rack http://www.tailfin.cc
Cockpit with two Revelate Designs Feed Bags between the aero bars
Shimano XC7 shoes – SPD system
Igaro D2 USB charger for charging devices from the dynamo.
SON Edelux II connected to SON dynamo hub
Revelate Designs Gas Tank & Tatonka phone sleeve

Packing List

missing on this pic: boxers & t-shirt for sleeping (forgot it)


  • ID card
  • hardcopies of documents (incl. Corona stuff)
  • health insurance card
  • contact details
  • pay cards
  • some cash


  • iPhone SE (with offline-route backup on maps.me)
  • Wahoo Elemnt (updated & with routes)
  • headphones Shure SE215 (bluetooth)
  • USB charging cables
  • 3 port USB charger (65W)
  • 2 Anker power banks 10000mAh
  • iPhone cables, 1 short & 1 long

Bike maintenance

  • mini leatherman (no name)
  • multi tool (Lezyne)
  • air pump (Lezyne, with digital pressure gauge)
  • puncture set (incl. tubeless plugs etc.)
  • 2 tire levers
  • cable ties (many!!)
  • spare shoe lace
  • Sram chain link
  • rear derailleur hanger (bike specific)
  • gear inner cable
  • chain lube (Squirt dry lube)
  • replacement spokes & nipples
  • 2 pairs of brake pads
  • schrader valve adapter (to use gas station pumps)

(Spare) clothes

  • Buff merino multipurpose head scarf
  • spare socks (Assos summer socks)
  • spare bib-short (Vermarc)
  • spare base layer (LaPassione summer)
  • arm & leg warmers (Vermarc)
  • down vest (Endura)
  • rain jacket (Gore Torrent)
  • high visibility vest
  • boxershorts / T-shirt (for sleeping)


  • toothbrush (cut off, obviously ; ) ), toothpaste, shampoo
  • Ibuprofen
  • Diclophenac cream
  • wound healing cream (Bepanthene)
  • baby wipes
  • tissues
  • chewing gums
  • chamois cream
  • sun protection lip stick, & healing lip stick
  • micro fibre cloth (for glasses)

Sleeping gear

  • silk liner
  • sleeping mat (Thermarest ultralight)
  • bivy (MSR AC bivy)


  • 2x 1L-bottles
  • Hiplok (small cable tie lock, number lock)
  • spork


  • helmet (Suomy Gun Wind)
  • Glasses: Adidas Proshift with photochromic prescription lenses
  • short gloves (LaPassione Duo Gloves; light padding)
  • bib-short (Vermarc)
  • short jersey (Morvelo summer)
  • base layer (LaPassione summer)

Author: Malte Cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, cyclo-hedonist, endurance traveller, occasional bikepacking-racer (mostly road) – www.cyclingtourist.com – Strava: Malte Cyclingtourist – Instagram: @maltecyclingtourist

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