01 TPBR – This year: Three Peaks Bike Race

Dear friends and followers,Ready for the race!

last year on the Transcontinental Race I made such great experiences, on the road, off the road, and with/through you online. So I couldn’t resist doing another bike race across Europe this year:

The 3 Peaks Bike Race – Vienna to Barcelona
starting coming Saturday (20.7.19)
16:00h in Vienna
(some facts/figures below!)

I’m very excited to participate… to meet the riders and roam our continent. A word of expectations management though:

This year I started my cycling season very late and “moderately”. And on one of the first couple of rides I had a (self-caused) crash in which I broke my right pinky. Curing it meant 7 weeks off the bike, which just ended last week = 2 weeks before the race start. So: Of course I have some plans as to what I want to achieve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t put out all the daily kms I wished. But who knows… another element of surprise! As if there weren’t already enough of those in this kind of cycle touring/racing, haha.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you while I’m on the road! It is incredibly encouraging!

Happy dot-watching!

Some facts and figures about TPBR:

  • Start: Sat. 20th of July, 16:00h
  • Vienna to Barcelona
  • via 3 peaks (checkpoints):
    • Passo Dello Stelvio (IT)
    • Colle delle Finestre (IT)
    • Arcalis Ordina (Andorra, Pyrennees)
  • no fixed route (each rider/racer has to plan their own)
  • self-supported (no support cars, no outside assistance)
  • non-stop (clock keeps ticking day and night)
  • ca. 2000km and >20000m accumulated elevation gain
  • ca. 100 participants (mostly solo, some pairs)
  • More information (incl. all riders): www.adventurebikeracing.com/threepeaksbikerace

Author: Malte Cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, cyclo-hedonist, endurance traveller, occasional bikepacking-racer (mostly road) – www.cyclingtourist.com – Strava: Malte Cyclingtourist – Instagram: @maltecyclingtourist

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