02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

You’re now at post 02 of my TCRNo8-series. To jump to all so far existing posts on this in chronological order:
01 TCRNo8 –About the Race & Live Tracking (Cap63) – Start: 24.7.
02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

03 TCRNo8 – Equipment & Packing List

The organization of The Transcontinental Race asked all riders to publish a brief introduction on their social media. Here is mine… copied from my Instagram @maltecyclingtourist


picture by http://www.transiberlica.club @transiberica_club

#tcrno8riders #tcrno8cap63

Hi there I’m Malte „Cyclingtourist“, Cap63 and at heart exactly that: a cyclo-tourist & explorer; things just turned up a gear (pun intended) over the years. Had miraculously brought myself through TCRNo6 and 2 other races that taught me a lot, and now back at „the“ race, TCR! Super excited to meet old and new fellow rider-friends and all volunteers & team on the road & in Burgas! 👋


I simply feel at home on Rose 🌹. She’s set up with all kinds of perks for comfort: custom gearing (Force22, 46/33 + 12-36), Rockshift suspension stem, 32mm tubeless Schwalbe Pro 1, padded bar tape and aerobars, Specialized Power saddle and overall perfect geometry in all positions. My favourite accessories however are: her little rear mirror and modestly hidden but not-to-joke-with bell.


SETUP: SON dynamo and light, Igaro D2 dynamo charger, 2 power banks. Tailfin, small frame triangle, 2 Revelate Designs food pouches & fuel tank, all set up for small frontal area & easy access. Bedroom: mat, bivy, silk liner, dedicated boxers/t-shirt.KIT: cyan/orange for the jolly Miamy look to lighten my mood when necessary (or yours) and for good visibility. Bibs: now in team kit of my Cologne cycling club 🧡 (shoutout @rtcdsd )


Rather impulsive, luckily it got a bit better over time. My performance over the course of a race is usually very volatile; my specialty: catching up with long mid-race night rides. As I love independence and flexibility, my setup is designed to sustain me for a few days outside between the occasional BnB nights.


On the positive: I generally have a crappy diet, so I’m perfectly prepared for running XX days on 7day-Croissants, Pringles and Coke. On the negative: my cycling season tends to start… late. One doesn’t ask a gentle(wo)man for their yearly mileage. I tend to compensate for it with my enthusiasm and curiosity to do it.

Can’t wait for all the landscapes, people, ❤️ on the road, interaction with dotwatchers. Shoutout also to Dragan 🐩 & Cruella 🐕, the 2 stray dogs that will make me loose my day‘s food pack at 1:35am on day 8.

Author: Malte Cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, cyclo-hedonist, endurance traveller, occasional bikepacking-racer (mostly road) – www.cyclingtourist.com – Strava: Malte Cyclingtourist – Instagram: @maltecyclingtourist

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