01 Next BIG thing: The Transcontinental Race No.6 – I’m Cap 36

You are now at post 01 of my TCR series. For an overview on my TCR posts, voilà:
01 Next BIG thing: The Transcontinental Race – I’m Cap 36
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05c TCR06 – Visual Race Report – 3. Interactive Map

Dear readers and riders,

this coming Sunday at 10pm my craziest cycling adventure yet will beginn. Together with 280 other maniacs I will participate in the notorious ultra-endurance race across Europe:

I will participate in the 6th edition of the by now infamous
Transcontinental Race across Europe (info below)

For now just some little facts and figures. I will release another post about what I’m planning to do here. But be sure that I approach this with a lot of humility…

To follow me, check…

About the race:

Start: Sunday the 29th of July at 22h in the evening in Belgium
Finish: ca. 2 weeks later in Greece

  • It is a self-supported race, so there is no outside-assistance or cooperation allowed. (see the beginning of my TCR-post 02 for a more detailed explanation)
  • We riders will have to pass 4 Controlpoints that are spread all over Central and Eastern Europe. We had to plan our routes individually
  • ca. 280 riders
  • ca. 4000km and about 40.000m climbing | each TCR Logorider has planned their own route 
  • The clock never stops, so it is up to each rider when/if/where to sleep, where and what to eat | There are no scheduled breaks and no race-service
  • the fastest riders will do this in under 10 days! (not me!)
  • More information about the race: www.transcontinental.cc

The Controlpoints are:

  • Start: Geraardsbergen (Belgium)
  • CP1: Bielerhöhe (Austria)
  • CP2: Mangart Sedlo (Slowenia)
  • CP3: Karkonosze Pass (Poland)
  • CP4: Bjelasnica (Bosnia)
  • Finish: Meteora (Greece)

Check this map for an overview.
Routenskizze breit

Within the next days I will upload some posts about how I approach this race, technical stuff (gear), my preparation, etc.

Yours, Malte
Cap 36, Cyclingtourist

Next post: 02 TCR No.6 – Preparation

Author: Malte Cyclingtourist

Hi, I'm Malte, cyclo-hedonist, endurance traveller, occasional bikepacking-racer (mostly road) – www.cyclingtourist.com – Strava: Malte Cyclingtourist – Instagram: @maltecyclingtourist

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