05b TCR06 – Visual Race Report – 2. Timeline Overview

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You are now at post 05b of my TCR series. If you wish to read them in order and/or first want to find out what this is all about.., voilà:
01 Next BIG thing: The Transcontinental Race – I’m Cap 36
02 TCR06 – Preparation
03 TCR06 – Hopes, Motivation & Fears (3 lists)
04 TCR06 – Finished!
05a TCR06 – Visual Race Report – 1. Introduction
05b TCR06 – Visual Race Report – 2. Timeline Overview
05c TCR06 – Visual Race Report – 3. Interactive Map

Below you can scroll through a timeline of my race: it matches my stages in relation with the 24h-calendar-days. It provides information about:

  • When each stage started and stopped
  • Where each stop was and for how long I was stationary (does not mean I slept that long. Usually just a fraction of it due to faffing around).
  • How long each stage was in terms of time, distance and climbing
  • Where I rode into or through the night
  • The ratio of moving time vs. stopped time during a stage which indicates the efficiency of that stage. I realized the numbers here might not be very accurate; e.g. on the first stage I certainly stopped longer. But it gives an indication. I might look into this again and update it.

What you will see is, e.g. that

  • I did lots of riding until late at night or through the night (first and last two nights)
  • I had a couple of very weak days: with short stage distance and a lot of relative stopping time. I was simply very exhausted.
  • there was one long final stretch after Bjelasnica (last 830km) where I just wanted to finish the race (to 1 see my family at the finish line, to escape Albania and my condition, to overtake a few riders and have a shorter finish time). There were a couple of short semi-naps involved, but no real sleeping. See the map for details.

To zoom in and out you could also download the below picture of the timeline. Otherwise just scroll on this page

And if you want to check the interactive map with all the details and stories to my ride check this post: 05c TCR No.06 – Race Record – Interactive Map


Some stats:

  • Distance: 4029km
  • Climbing: 32030m
  • Duration: 14d:19h:18min
  • Ranking: 60 [out of 231 starters (top26%) and 134 finishers (top45%)]


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