Cockpit & Electricity

This information is for 2018 (so, also for my Transcontinental Race No.06). It will look quite a bit different for the Transcontinental Race No.08 (2020). An update will follow! If you want to see my 2017 setup, go here.


2018-07-25 15.08.21exp.jpg

From bottom to top:

  • Blackburn Fueltank
  • Topeak phone pouch (with self made attachment to the fuel tank)
  • rear mirror Busch&Müller (one of my favourite accessoires!)
  • USB charger Cycle2Charge (not visible here) connected to SON dynamo hub
  • 2 Revelate Designs Mtn Feedback pouches (left and right) for food and quick access items
  • Wahoo Elemnt GPS navigation (used to be Garmin Edge Explore 1000)
  • bicycle bell CatEye (great sound, small size!)
  • aero-bars Profile Design T4+
  • ultra-light drybag Sea-to-Summit (keeps bivy & liner)
  • and a custom made sandwich holder (aka simple fabric strap)

Lighting & Electricity

2017-06-05 22.36.11.jpgBusch & Müller IQ-X. Incredible power (100Lux) and a very wide, far, bright and quite even beam. The light’s body is small enough to fit to the shaft of my fork under my handle-bar luggage. Rearlight: Busch & Müller Secular plus.

Additionally I usually ride with one cheap USB-chargable blinking LED-battery light attached to the back of my backpack or saddle bag and sometimes one bright LED-battery front light. I also sometimes ride with a high visibility vest.

All of this makes me look a bit like a Christmas tree, but I think lit Christmas trees are prominent enough on the road to not be run over.

Energy: SON dynamo hub. Works like a charm. And I can’t claim I would notice any difference in mechanical resistance.

2018-07-25 15.12.37exp


2018-07-24 10.37.47
Cycle2Charge USB charger. The cap can be turned to protect the port from the elements

Cycle2Charge USB outlet: This guarantees that in principle I could do without charging
breaks. I use it to charge my Wahoo or a Powerbank directly. The Wahoo takes a few hours to be full. My iPhone won’t charge so well with it, so I charge my phone via the power bank.


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