02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

You’re now at post 02 of my TCRNo8-series. To jump to all so far existing posts on this in chronological order:
01 TCRNo8 –About the Race & Live Tracking (Cap63) – Start: 24.7.
02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

03 TCRNo8 – Equipment & Packing List

The organization of The Transcontinental Race asked all riders to publish a brief introduction on their social media. Here is mine… copied from my Instagram @maltecyclingtourist


picture by http://www.transiberlica.club @transiberica_club

#tcrno8riders #tcrno8cap63

Hi there I’m Malte „Cyclingtourist“, Cap63 and at heart exactly that: a cyclo-tourist & explorer; things just turned up a gear (pun intended) over the years. Had miraculously brought myself through TCRNo6 and 2 other races that taught me a lot, and now back at „the“ race, TCR! Super excited to meet old and new fellow rider-friends and all volunteers & team on the road & in Burgas! 👋


I simply feel at home on Rose 🌹. She’s set up with all kinds of perks for comfort: custom gearing (Force22, 46/33 + 12-36), Rockshift suspension stem, 32mm tubeless Schwalbe Pro 1, padded bar tape and aerobars, Specialized Power saddle and overall perfect geometry in all positions. My favourite accessories however are: her little rear mirror and modestly hidden but not-to-joke-with bell.


SETUP: SON dynamo and light, Igaro D2 dynamo charger, 2 power banks. Tailfin, small frame triangle, 2 Revelate Designs food pouches & fuel tank, all set up for small frontal area & easy access. Bedroom: mat, bivy, silk liner, dedicated boxers/t-shirt.KIT: cyan/orange for the jolly Miamy look to lighten my mood when necessary (or yours) and for good visibility. Bibs: now in team kit of my Cologne cycling club 🧡 (shoutout @rtcdsd )


Rather impulsive, luckily it got a bit better over time. My performance over the course of a race is usually very volatile; my specialty: catching up with long mid-race night rides. As I love independence and flexibility, my setup is designed to sustain me for a few days outside between the occasional BnB nights.


On the positive: I generally have a crappy diet, so I’m perfectly prepared for running XX days on 7day-Croissants, Pringles and Coke. On the negative: my cycling season tends to start… late. One doesn’t ask a gentle(wo)man for their yearly mileage. I tend to compensate for it with my enthusiasm and curiosity to do it.

Can’t wait for all the landscapes, people, ❤️ on the road, interaction with dotwatchers. Shoutout also to Dragan 🐩 & Cruella 🐕, the 2 stray dogs that will make me loose my day‘s food pack at 1:35am on day 8.

01 Transcontinental Race No. 8 –About the Race & Live Tracking (Cap63) – Start: 24.7.

You’re now at post 01 of my TCRNo8-series. To jump to all so far existing posts on this in chronological order:
01 TCRNo8 –About the Race & Live Tracking (Cap63) – Start: 24.7.
02 TCRNo8 – My Rider Introduction

03 TCRNo8 – Equipment & Packing List

Something new is on and I can’t wait for it to start! I have the immense privilege to ride the Transcontinental Race No. 8 – one of the most iconic cycling races in the world. HELL YES, I’ll do it again. I’m as excited as I am humbled.

My personal background: In 2018 I already joined and finished the 6th edition of the race. In the meantime did two other races (Blog entries/information here: Three Peaks Bike Race 2019 & Transiberica Bike Race 2021). Now – through the lottery and maybe aided by the fact that I successfully finished my first TCR – I am privileged to be granted a placement to ride it again.

Here you first find some information on what the TCR actually is & how you can live-track my “dot” on the map, if you wish. In case you‘re interested in my gear or my rider introduction you find the links to post 02 and 03 above at the beginning of this post.

Transcontinental Race No. 8 – facts & figures

The Transcontinental Race is a (attention please…) self-supported free-route ‘ultra’-endurance single-stage bike-packing time-trial in the spirit of Mike Hall† (who founded this race, and is one of the founders of this sport and scene). That means…

  • Start: Geraardsbergen/BelgiumSun. 24th of July 2022, 22:00h
  • Finishline: Burgas/Bulgaria, whenever riders arrive.
  • 4 Checkpoints (CPs) spread over middle and eastern Europe to be approached in this order:
    • Start Geraardsbergen
    • CP1) Krupka/Czechia
    • CP2) Passo di Gavia/Italy
    • CP3) Durmitor/Montenegro
    • CP4) Transalpina Strategica/Rumania
    • Finish in Burgas/Bulgaria.
  • free route choice, except for a compulsory parcours at each Checkpoint (ranging from 40km to 120km)
  • over 4.000km and 40.000m cumulative climbing
  • self-supported, i.e. carry your own luggage, no outside assistance, no rider-cooperation, no supply pre-arranged
  • single-stage, i.e. the clock never stops; there are no fixed stages or stops, neither for sleeping nor for food etc.
  • ca. 275 participants (28 of which riding as pairs, all others solo), all genders competing in the same category
  • more detailed rules: see here

A spectator sport! – How to follow the race and riders in realtime

Despite the geographical spread of the events, endurance bicycle racing is a spectator sport, because: Each rider has their own GPS-tracker. Your chance to kick my a** when I hang around for too long at McDonald’s or oversleep in the ditch!

Additionally the race in general it is vividly accompanied on social-media:

I’m always happy to hear from you. Encouraging messages, cheering, etc. are highly motivating (also to the other riders!). I may not always be able to reply immediately, but be sure I read messages and mentions with great pleasure!